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Simple Dimple

Click your stress away with Simple Dimple! New Anti stress gadget

Simple Dimple is an easy to use anti-stress accessory which can always be carried around thanks to its keyring function. It is very popular among children, teenagers and adults, and can be used at any occassion – at home, in the office, at school or during important and stressful meetings.

It helps to relieve the stress and chill out even in nerve-wrecking situations. It is nearly impossible to stop playing once you have started….

Body of Simple Dimple is made of solid ABS – ideal for printing, while two „clickable” buttons are made of silicone.

Available in 2 standard colors:

  • White ABS with black silicone buttons
  • Black ABS with white silicone buttons
  • Other colors are available on demand

This gadget is waterproof and it can be washed under running water.

Simple Dimple won 2nd place in TOPFUN category and nominaton for Gifts of the year during during RemaDays 2022.

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