R3D, producer of bubble products, located in Portugal.


Parque Industrial do Canhoso, Rua M, Lote 15

6200-027 Covilhã


T +44 2030 510 699


R3D is Producer of Bubble products such as card sunshades, envelopes and packaging.

Located in Portugal, and as 90% of our Production is destined to Export, we are strongly implanted in foreign markets beyond Europe, such as North / South Africa, Brazil, Australia and USA. All our production sections, machines, productions and stocks are allocated in 4 buildings that have around 22 000 sqm combined with capacity of 5 000 000 sqm / year bubble film to manufacture our products.

We are proud of our environmental awareness, our products are 100% recyclable and made from more than 70% recycled raw materials, in our own place, reducing our ecologic foot-print. We are currently the European market LEADER in Bubble Envelopes, packaging and car sunshade, specially referring to advertising markets.

Owners of advanced technology, we’re able to print from the simplest logo to the most complex and detailed images, using silk print or flexo print techniques.
We manufacture and print all our products (nothing is outsourced). That gives us the capacity to reach every client special request in shape and details to create unique products according to required quantity and available budget.

Please find us in www.r3d.pt