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FLSK CUP Coffee to-go tumbler

The latest coffee experience.

The new coffee to go tumbler “CUP” from FLSK has won the German Design Award 2022 for excellent product design.

The FLSK team is convinced that good products must be able to offer more than the usual. This high standard has resulted in a reusable coffee to go cup that stands out for its uncompromising function, classy look and genuine sustainability.

The CUP fits in all settings of modern life and is the ideal corporate gift. Whether on the way to work, on a business trip or in the remote office – the CUP is the ideal partner for sustainable coffee enjoyment on the go.

Behind the minimalist shapes of the beautiful reusable CUP hides a technical masterpiece. While the VICC technology ensures up to three hours of perfectly tempered coffee, the lid of the CUP pays attention to absolute leakage safety and pleasant drinking experience.

This design has now been honored by the German Design Council with the German Design Award 2022 for excellent product design. The German Design Award has set itself the task of honoring particularly groundbreaking designs and design trends – designs that provide answers to the challenges of our time and think design further.

“Just pretty is not enough for us. We are convinced that good products must be able to do more. The CUP is the ideal corporate gift for all companies that count quality and sustainability among their corporate values!” says Kris Hoffmann-Dekorsy, Head of Corporate Sales at FLSK.

The coffee to go cup “CUP” stands for sustainable coffee enjoyment on the go and not only fits visually into modern times. The high-quality reusable stainless steel cup also saves valuable resources with every use, protecting the environment from unnecessary pollution. This makes it an ideal corporate gift. A CUP laser engraved with the company logo shows in an unmistakable way that authentic sustainability and high quality are important corporate values.

This is FLSK.

The team of the Munich-based start-up FLSK manages to transform common everyday products into innovative beloved companions of choice. Their high-quality to-go products made of stainless steel are not only highly functional, but have won multiple awards for their purist design. A mindful approach to the environment is deeply rooted in FLSK’s corporate philosophy. The brand understands sustainability as a constant movement towards the currently ecologically and socially best possible.