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Ballpoint pen Reco

The ballpoint pen Reco is getting additions. It is now available in two more new designs. In addition to the current “Basic” version, the “Line” version with two colour-contrasting lines in the barrel and the “Max” version with a wider clip and more space on the barrel for even larger prints have been added in 2022.

This successful model Reco embodies unique characteristics such as highest quality, innovative strength and clear commitment to sustainability, but has also won all possible prizes that exist on the market: It was the first ballpoint pen in the world that has been awarded the most famous eco label, the Blue Angel. The “Blue Angel” has been the environmental label of the German Federal Government for 40 years. As an independent and credible organisation, it sets demanding standards for environmentally friendly products. The label provides orientation for sustainable purchasing for public authorities, commercial decision-makers, independent businesses and private consumers. It has been awarded as well with the PSI Sustainability Award for “Sustainable Product”, the PBS Report Green Award, the Promotional Gift Award 2021 and the German Design Award 2021.

The streamlined dynamic design has a shimmering finish for a simple yet elegant appearance. With the ingenious “Mix & Match” principle, the individual components such as tip, barrel, clip, barrel extension and push button can be combined in many different colour combinations, which makes the product look new again and again, depending on taste or company colours. The pen’s interior is also outstanding. Not only is the pen body made of 92% environmentally friendly and resource-saving recycled plastic, but the refill body of the Eco 725 M large-capacity refill also has a 95% recycled content. Refilling is of course also possible with the Reco: easy, quick and clean. The special feature for advertisers is that Schneider can carry out Blue Angel-compliant pad printing finishing for an environmentally conscious advertising message. The ballpoint pen Reco offers plenty of printing space in seven different positions.

The writing colour offers a choice between black or blue. The inks are waterproof according to ISO 12757-2. Due to the pleasantly light and constant ink flow, Reco ensures clean and comfortable writing.

Another new feature from 2022 is that all Schneider promotional writing instruments are produced in a climate neutral manner.

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