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meterex Karl Kuntze

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meterex Karl Kuntze

meterex Karl Kuntze, manufacture of measuring tools

Since 1920 meterex Karl Kuntze (GmbH & Co.) is a German manufacture of measuring tools. Today we are one of the leading companies for measuring tapes, folding rules and rulers in Europe.We only have high quality products in a nice design with a perfect technique.

Finishing processes

For a minimum quantity of 100pcs. meterex offers the following finishing processes for the customers logos:Sreen printing, Tampon printing, Digital imprint, Laser engraving, 3-D-emblem Meterex products have a high usability and a long lifetime. So your advertising will be successful giving these gifts to your customers.

Meterex has one of the largest assortments of tape-measures, spirit levels and rulers in the market for promotional products in Europe.